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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still here...

I just realized it's been a month since I've dusted my blog off.

It's been an interesting month.... and I mean that in both the good way, and the "ancient Chinese curse" way.

First, I came down with a sinus infection that felt like the flu, and had antibiotics and doctor's orders that kept me home until the following Monday - the same Monday that I was scheduled with a second doctor, for minor surgery on my back. (I had a "suspicious" mole that the doc felt really uncomfortable about, and insisted that it be removed. I now have a 2-inch diagonal scar between my shoulders that itched like Pharaoh's Plague of Lice for almost 3 weeks. Oh - benign, btw. I'm both relieved, and a bit disgruntled... I could have kept that mole with no danger.)

I'm finally now allowed to "resume normal activity" - which means that I and my new weight bench became re-acquainted this evening. I'd just managed to get a decent routine worked out on it when I was "benched" because of the stitches... now to start all over again. I will get myself fit!

I'm feeling comfortably stretchy-tired right now, which means I didn't over-do it today. I should sleep well tonight.

In other news, our son had applied for the Border Patrol several months ago. He did well in the testing, physical, and interview but they asked for a medical update because of the asthma he'd had as a kid. He passed the pulmonary test with flying colors, but the clinic staff dropped the ball and didn't get the paperwork signed by the doc until the week after my son's deadline for turning everything in. (I understand someone got chewed.... the PA who originally did the test waived the documentation fee and personally ran the paperwork to the doc for a signature when he found out about the SNAFU.)

He overnighted everything with a note explaining the delay from the clinic, and expected a nice polite note in return saying "You missed the deadline - please reapply in 6 months."

Well, early Friday morning I got a call from him at work. He'd just gotten off the phone with the Dept. of Homeland Security....

He starts at the Academy in November.

After elk season. He can still make the hunt.

Now that's timing!

Not even having his truck break down on him today has deflated his mood...

Oh - and my Kalashnikitty T-shirts arrived today. Wheee! heh heh heh....

God is good.