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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Because when all else fails....

... ham radio!
Note:  the following phone conversation is not verbatim, but it's pretty close.  Heh.

Hey, Son, you busy this afternoon?
- No, I'm bored.
Well, you want to come down and help me finish installing a couple radios in the truck?  Doug helped me get the power cable through the firewall but I "get to" do the rest myself.
- You're replacing the radio in the truck?
No, I'm not replacing the "stereo."  I'm adding a couple radios. Communications. Got them from Doug.
- Ah.  THAT kind of radio.  Whatcha got?
Multi-band ham radio and basic 40-channel CB. 
- Kewl.  What tools should I bring?
I dunno.  I've never done this before!
- Gotcha.  Leatherman and a roll of electrical tape should handle it; you've probably got everything else already.
Hmmmm...... Judging by the change in background noise, you're already in your car, aren't you?
- Yep...(LOL)  I need to get gas first, so look for me in about an hour.

It was a FUN and interesting afternoon, as my first plan for where to install the radios wasn't workable.  (They didn't fit where I thought they'd fit....)  Finally got something figured out with good working (temporary) installations that will probably be modified over time, and the little truck now has not one, not two, but three antennas.  The original AM-FM antenna has been joined by a pair of three-foot-tall antennas on the roof.  The antenna for the ham radio will be replaced eventually, as it was originally paired with a different radio and isn't optimal for the current unit... but it will do until I find what I really want.

There is no way I'm gonna be able to take this truck through a fast-food drive-thru any more.  Their roof overhangs are too low, and the CB antenna won't flex.  It will be a lot easier to find in a crowded parking lot, though!

I've got RADIO!!!

And unarguably the best son in the world! 



Blogger Glenn B said...

10-4 good buddy - enjoy.

8/08/2010 6:28 PM  

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