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Monday, April 25, 2011

Bravo, Brandon Mississippi!

Brandon, Mississippi will go down in history as the town where the Westboro Baptist Church met its match.

On Saturday USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, who was killed in action in Afghanistan April 7, was buried in Brandon, Mississippi.  That, by itself, is a sadly unremarkable – though certainly noteworthy and solemn – occasion to mark.

What is most notable about Sgt. Rogers’ funeral in Brandon, however, is what didn’t happen. 

You see, Westboro Baptist Church had threatened to spew their poison at Sgt. Rogers’ funeral.

But the Westboro mob wasn’t on the scene, and Sgt. Rogers was laid to rest without incident – thank God.

Why weren’t there protestors?

Planning ahead by the locals, as it turns out.

Check the link above to read the story from the www.ihatethemedia.com website.  Original article that IHTM quoted from at thehayride.com also available.

Warms my heart, it does.



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