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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gun goes off in courthouse

Here's a case where a bit more gun control (i.e. better control of one's grip on the gun) might have been a good idea.

EL PASO -- Two federal law enforcement officers suffered minor gunshot wounds Monday inside El Paso's federal courthouse when one of their weapons fired accidentally, the U.S. Marshals Service said.

In spite of how the article starts, it's actually a fairly even piece. It mentions that there was no panic at the courthouse; it was business as usual. Neither of the two LEOs were seriously injured, and both were released after being treated at a local hospital.

A later article stated that the accident happened when the deputy US Marshall removed his firearm from a locker and attempted to reholster it.

It was also noted that the deputy "will be held responsible for firing the handgun." This is a refreshing difference from "gee, we dunno what made it go off. He just picked it up and it went boom!"


Although Payan couldn't comment on the type of gun the deputy fired, he said deputies are typically issued Glock 40-caliber handguns. The handguns have the safety on the trigger, according to the Arms Site, a Web site about firearms.

Heh. While I don't care for them personally (they don't fit my hand properly), Glocks are good, reliable firearms. Especially as long as one remembers to rely not only on the trigger safety, but also on the Master Safety between one's ears.

Here's hoping to a complete and rapid recovery from a somewhat embarrassing accident. For both LEOs.

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