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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bush lifts executive ban

...on offshore drilling.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush lifted an executive order banning offshore oil drilling on Monday and urged Congress to follow suit.

Citing the high prices Americans are paying at the pump, Bush said from the White House Rose Garden that allowing offshore oil drilling is "one of the most important steps we can take" to reduce that burden.

However, the move is largely symbolic as there is also a federal law banning offshore drilling.

"This means that the only thing standing between the American people and these vast oil reserves is action from the U.S. Congress," Bush said.

Link to complete article on CNN above.

h/t to SYLG.

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Blogger Humble wife said...

Hey...thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog penofjen.blogspot.com.

As to the rain...I am beyond liking it as we are nearly in flood danger(well maybe we are flooding).

Funny we both link Balleseyesboomers and you are next door to me!El Paso/ Southern NM.

7/27/2008 8:06 AM  

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