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Monday, July 07, 2008

Guns may be allowed at Texas colleges

Texans might soon be able to pack heat on college campuses.

That is just one of several proposals that could reach lawmakers next year as they — and legislators nationwide — explore broadening some gun laws.

“It addresses personal protection,” said state Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland, who heads the House committee that considers gun bills. “People who do things [like the Virginia Tech shooting] basically know they are walking into a gun-free zone.

“They are cowards ... facing people not allowed to fight back.”

It's a decent article, although not completely factual... for example, this line: Texas law now prohibits guns in places such as government buildings and lets private businesses ban weapons on their property.

Yes, private business can post 30.06 and legally bar the carrying of concealed weapons on their property - if they post exactly as prescribed by law. No problems there... private property rights should be respected. However, such postings are not enforceable at State government offices, unless it's along the lines of a court; one may also not carry on the premises of a school, and there are a few other restrictions. Federal government is a bit different, and has its own guidelines. The article did not differentiate between the two. It said "government buildings" and leaves the reader with the mistaken impression that they're all off-limits.

A professor recently testified on the issue before a legislative committee, saying he is responsible for making sure students get out of the building safely if there’s a fire, tornado or other dangerous situation.

“But he said he’s tasked — if somebody starts shooting students — with hiding under his desk,” Driver said.

Utah is the only state so far to allow weapons at all public universities.

And so far, it looks like Utah has had neither a) gunfights in the dorms, cafeterias or classrooms, nor b) problems with someone coming on campus with the intent of committing suicide-by-cop, and taking others with them.

Pay attention, America. (and you, too, Texas! I'd like to be able to go on campus for various open-to-the-public activities without having to disarm... especially this close to the border.)

Entire article at the link above.

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