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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Laughter in God's House

Our little family church was celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of one of our couples this past Sunday. At their request, we sang a number of old hymns mixed in with modern worship songs and choruses, and what we didn't have music for we sang a capella. (M & A are an absolutely wonderful couple...we are so blessed to know them.)

Now, I don't claim to have a voice to write home about, but I do love to sing with a group. (my enthusiasm tends to outstrip my ability... so if I can blend in with a group I tend to sing better. ) Unfortunately, a couple of the a capella songs went just a wee bit higher than my comfortable alto range for a few notes, and my voice tends to either go seriously squeaky-flat or seriously quiet under those circumstances. (Trust me, quiet is better...) However, I also noticed than when my voice gave out, that I messed up some of the other singers as well. I apologized several times for flubbing the music.

Then one of the guys commented, "Yeah, when your voice goes out, the whole thing goes out." Someone else agreed, and the first guy explained, "You have a good voice for 'filling in' on the songs when there's no music. It sounds fuller when you sing. When your voice goes out, the whole thing kind of fades."

Filling in? Fuller?

I couldn't help it. I turned to my hubby, pouted my lip out, and said, "Honey, does this song make my voice look fat?"

M & A laughed harder than anyone else....



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