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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


We (the son and I) went to the local gun show this past Saturday. Sunday evening I was trying to post a wee bit on the topic, and Blogger kept timing out on me. I couldn't even save the post as a draft, & wound up tossing up my hands & heading to bed. Morning comes awfully early on Mondays.... Early Monday morning, I find out the "problem" was that Blogger decided, on its own, that my blog needed to be "upgraded" to the next level, and commenced to do so right in the middle of what I was doing. And I couldn't log in anymore.

Finally got the situation sorted out, & found a number of Comments that folks had left on my blog that I'd never known were there.... and that missing "un-saved draft" somehow magically reappeared - posted.

So please forgive me, folks, if you've tried leaving a msg & thought I was ignoring you. I honestly didn't know there were comments pending... including one from the very first post I made on this blog!

(I guess I did need to upgrade, after all....)


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