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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A good weekend

You might be a gun nut, if -
- you're on a first-name basis with the owners and employees of four different gun shops and three pawn shops, in two different states, and at least recognized and remembered by face and favorite caliber, if not by name, in several others;
- two of the gun shops keep your name and phone number handy in case something comes in that they think you might be interested in;
- most of the vendors at the local gun shows recognize you, and make comments like, "I saw your son a few minutes ago & wondered where you were!"

The son and I attended a local show yesterday; spent the better part of the day on our feet walking around & visiting with folks, looking over the tables and playing the "If I had the cash..." game. Both of us had trade/sale fodder with us, and we both managed to find something we wanted and still come home with a bit more cash than we'd left with! All in all, a very satisfying day; it would have been perfect except the son got called in to work afterwards to cover the shift of another employee who'd brilliantly managed to get himself fired. So, no range time yesterday evening... we may be able to visit the indoor range one evening this week instead.

And now that the weather's warming up a bit, I'm half-way expecting a call from a couple of the husband's friends from the anime club on campus.... they like to invite themselves out to the range with us on the weekends, when they need to decompress a bit from the stress of their classes.


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