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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Atmospheric Miscellany

AM the first
One of our early morning customers came in wearing so much perfume that I could smell her as soon as she opened the door. And I was the lucky one that got to assist her... I had to use my inhaler afterwards, & took a full dose of antihistamine as well. I also wound up turning my fan on to try to clear the air around my desk. Even so, I could still smell the perfume a good hour after she left.

There are some colognes/perfumes that will literally knock me out, if the wearer has on more than what can be detected from 3 feet away. I've got nothing against perfume, & there are some I like the smell of (even if I'm allergic to them), but I really don't know why some folks have to wear so much.

AM the second
Today was cooler (mid to upper 70's) and overcast most of the day, with the usual spring breezes. The cloudiness & slight increase in humidity is making me long for a nice, steady, warm spring rain (with lots of thunder). I really, really want to go outside in shorts and flip flops, and just stand in the rain for a while.


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