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Monday, December 31, 2007

How to End the Year With a Bang...

... or, "I didn't know the tattoo was loaded!"

Men shoot themselves in tattoo attempt


CHAPARRAL, N.M. -- Getting a tattoo can be a painful proposition, but usually it's just the needle you have to worry about. Two men trying to trace a loaded .357-caliber Magnum as a pattern for a tattoo accidentally shot themselves, the Otero County Sheriff's Department said Monday.

Robert Glasser and Joey Acosta, both 22, were treated at a hospital in El Paso, Texas, after the shooting Thursday evening in nearby Chaparral.

Authorities said Glasser was struck in the hand when the gun accidentally went off, and Acosta was hit in the left arm. Their injuries were not life-threatening, authorities said.

How many things wrong can you find with this article?
(1. the gun was loaded, and not holstered. 2. the gun was pointed in an unsafe direction - at themselves. 3. they didn't unload the gun first. 4. guns don't "accidentally go off" - one of them must have been tracing the trigger. 5. they didn't verify the gun was unloaded first. 6. why did it take two of them to make the tracing?)



Blogger Glenn Bartley said...

The biggest thing wrog with the whole picture was the two idiots involved!

1/04/2008 4:41 PM  

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