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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I can't believe it's not (safer than ) real butter!

Please pardon the firmly planted tongue-in-cheek....

Flavoring additive puts professional cooks at risk

Additive found in more than 6,000 products

Occupational health specialists have said that repeated exposure to diacetyl has led to the deaths of at least three workers, destruction of the lungs of scores more and sickened hundreds of others who worked in plants that produce flavorings, microwave popcorn, candy, beverages, oils and other products.

  • Two real butters were analyzed and diacetyl was found in a range of 7 ppm to almost 16 ppm.
  • In all the margarine and shortening products, levels of 7 ppm to almost 180 ppm were present.
  • A butter-flavored cooking spray released more than 164 ppm of diacetyl.
  • Butter-flavored cooking oils used by professional cooks ranged from 23 ppm to 234 ppm.
  • Two brands of oil for popping corn came in at 1,062 ppm and 1,125 ppm.

Interesting... so it seems the fumes from cooking with real butter are actually safer than the "Generally Recognized As Safe" (and also more PC) butter substitutes.


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