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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Suzanna Hupp speaks out on VA Tech

Luby's Shooting Survivor Addresses Va Tech Tragedy
(CBS 42) Before the Virginia Tech massacre, the worst mass shooting was the lunchtime massacre at Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen back in 1991.

Watching the Virginia Tech massacre unfold, like other mass shootings across the country, left Suzanna Hupp both sad and angry.

"Every single one of the shootings have occurred in gun free zones,” Hupp said. “I think the politicians have created a shopping list for madmen."

Fifteen and a half years ago she helplessly watched as George Hennard drove his pickup into a crowded restaurant and systematically murdered her parents and 22 others.

"They said my mother was cradling my father, that she looked up at the gunman and he put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger,” Hupp said. “My parents had just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary."

At the time, carrying a concealed weapon was illegal.

"I reached for my purse on the ground thinking, 'I’ve got him. I've got this guy',” Hupp said.

But her gun was still outside in the car.

"It was a stupid decision. One that I will regret forever,” Hupp said. “I would much rather be sitting in jail with a felony offense on my head and have my parents alive."

Turning anger into action, Hupp says she helped pass a concealed handgun law in Texas to give victims a fighting chance when staring down a killer.

And she's absolutely convinced if Virginia Tech officials had not banned guns on campus, this week's body count would have been much lower.

"It would have been prevented," Hupp said. "In fact, he never would have tried because people like him look for easy targets."

Recently, Virginia Tech officials testified at a legislative hearing against allowing their professors or students over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon on campus.

Hupp questions, if guns are the problem, why don't any of these mass killings ever take place at a gun show or at a National Rifle Association convention?

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Click on the link, & watch the video to hear it in Ms. Hupp's own voice.

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