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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Diary,

Got home after work on Thursday & decided it was time to wash the bike.  Changed my clothes, pulled the gray bike out of the garage, and set to work.

An hour later I had a very clean, sparkly shiny black and chrome motorcycle sitting in the driveway, and no time left to ride that evening.  Showered, enjoyed the K5WPH Multiplex net, went to bed.

Friday evening I took a brief ride out to a friend's house and decided the Harley boots I'd gotten for riding weren't fit for riding... that style might work for someone with larger feet but the height and placement of the heel was too uncomfortable for me for shifting and braking.  If I had the heel behind the peg I could barely reach the lever; if the heel was on the peg my toes were higher than was comfortable & I had to bend my ankle more to move the lever.  My legs were cramping by the time I got home again.   How do some gals manage to ride in high heels??? 

Today I got up early and rode the bike into town for an oil/filter change (I wore my old riding boots this time), and found a new pair of summer-weight riding gloves in the shop as a bonus.  Mechanic said I should easily get another 2k-3k miles from the current tires before I need to start thinking about replacing them. 

After the oil change I rode a few blocks over to one of the local gun stores to pick up a couple more "party favors" - i.e personal OC spray canisters.  I seem to have this tendency to give mine away when I run into female acquaintances who for whatever reason can't or won't pursue a CHL.  I got 2 this time, so I have a backup just in case.

Not a very exciting day, but I got to ride the bike and so it's a good day in my book.


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